Bucks Demo Review


June 2018

Carol Hall Entertains and Inspires at May’s Meeting
What was it, 20 demonstration in 1? Carol Hall, artist extraordinaire, dazzled us at May’s meeting with a ton of ideas and techniques, you could spend the next couple of months trying them all out. Carol even gave us a handout outlining and describing everything-in detail!

Her RUSH philosophy (Raise the grain, Use Wet Water, Shellac, Heat Lamp) was emblematic of the thought that goes into her work- surface preparations that save you time, allow for mistakes and corrections, and provide superior results. Not only that, but she let us in on several hacks (using a drop of Dawn detergent in water works the same as a $10 bottle of commercial surfactant), insider tips (Golden paints are far superior to any other acrylics and use white nylon brushes in the hobby isle), great techniques (crumbling up a transfer image makes it easier to transfer on to curved surfaces) and just darned good tools (The 360 Mist Sprayer from Sally Beauty).

What a great show; thanks Carol!