As a little kid, I enjoyed Connect the Dots books until I was embarrassingly old to be buying them at the dime store behind my home. You started with the whisper of the an image, and then used little clues to find the bigger picture that has been hiding there all along.

This is how I approach each art piece. Sifting through grain patterns, drips and washes to discover the hidden images compels me to go to the studio. There, I am driven to make something, everyday.

I have been taking adult art classes since my mother decided to give my talent a big push, when I was seven. At first the teacher and other students didn’t take me seriously, but my first critiques in class were thrilling. There was talk of the whole class “unlearning” and becoming free with their choices again, like when they were children. This is where I finally had a leg up on all of them.

I still think about trying to be unrestrained in my art choices – fearless and without consequence. I always have an End of Day piece in the making. As I rotate between paintings, I turn to it to literally clean my palette – like a sorbet between courses at a fine meal. These pieces use up the extra paint and have risks taken on them. Sometimes they end up being a good idea that sucks. Other times, they are the best work of the day, because they are painted uninhibitedly.

There is no wasted time in the studio. Your experience makes your art more savory, because you bring more ingredients to your making.